Spiritism Study Series

The nature, origin and destiny of spirits, and their relationship to the physical world.
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“Spiritism is simultaneously a science of observation and a philosophical doctrine. As a practical science, it consists in the relations that can be established with spirits. As a philosophy, it entails all the moral consequences that result from such relations.” Allan Kardec

The Spiritist Academy is as in the platonic view, a public garden where spiritist students, designers and video makers share explanatory studies on the Spiritist Teachings in a witty and accessible way.

Spiritism Essential Books - Free Download

What is Spiritism?

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The Spirits’ Book

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The Gospel According to Spiritism

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The Mediums' Book

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Heaven and Hell

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It is recommended by Allan Kardec to follow a certain sequence to study and understand the Spiritist Teachings. We encourage you to start from the beginning.