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Spiritism 101

Where to find answers to human questions
When Marcelo Netto read “The Gospel According to Spiritism” for the first time, he found the true meaning of life. Based on instructions from Superior Spirits, Allan Kardec explains the moral maxims of Jesus, inviting us to experience them in our day-to-day life. Exposing with clarity and simplicity to reason and heart, “The Gospel According to Spiritism” is the bedside book of thousands and thousands of people.
The Law of Cause and Effect | A Quick Explanation
“Since God can neither punish us for the good we have done nor for the evil we have not done, then if we are being punished it is because we have done evil. If we have not done evil in this life, then we did it in another. This is an alternative that is impossible to escape and whose logic shows on what side the justice of God lies.” Chapter 5 in "The Gospel According to Spiritism" by Allan Kardec.
Thoughts from the invisible world
When our own thoughts do not resonate even for us, we have to wonder. By Andreia Marshall
A Spiritist Perspective on DEPRESSION
"Do you know why a vague sadness sometimes weighs upon your hearts and makes you find life so bitter? It is your spirit, which aspires to happiness and freedom, and which, bound to the body that serves as its prison, exhausts itself in vain efforts to escape. However, seeing that such efforts are useless, it falls into despondency, and the body, bearing the spirit’s influence, sluggishness, dejection and a kind of apathy, seizes you and you find yourself unhappy. (...) If during the course of this trial, and while performing your task, you see worries, troubles and vexations fall upon you, be strong and courageous in order to bear them." Chapter 5, "Blessed are the afflicted," of the book "THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SPIRITISM":
Every individual who senses the influence of spirits to any degree of intensity is a medium. This faculty is inherent to humankind. Psychography is the writing of spirits by a medium's hand. The medium can be consciously or unconsciously about what he is doing and writing.
A loved one has just passed away...
If you are going through this time of loss, when a loved one has just passed away, Marcia Trajano's message is for you. There is life after death. Your love is powerful and can be reached anywhere.

Science and Spirituality

What can be seen immediately before and after a person dies
Dr. Peter Fenwick is a neuropsychiatrist and neurophysiologist who is known for his studies of end of life phenomena, including near-death experiences and deathbed visions of the dying person, as well as the experiences of hospice and palliative care workers and relatives of dying people.
Research about religion and health
Dr. Harold G. Koenig discusses about the connection between health and religion. He has published over 280 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, scholarly professional journal articles and 60 chapters in professional books.
Hearing voices is a sign of mental illness: MYTH OR TRUTH?
By Dr. Etzel Cardeña, the Thorsen Professor of Psychology at Lund University, Sweden where he is Director of the Centre for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology (CERCAP).
Higher feelings, better health
Dr. Harold D. Koenig is Director of the Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health at Duke University Medical Center.
Spirituality has been moved out of Science
Dr. Harald Walach is a German psychologist, medical researcher and historian and philosopher of science. He is currently the director of the Institute of Transcultural Health Studies at Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt.
Why doctors incorporate spirituality into their medical practice
iSpirit asked to 3 doctors why they incorporate spirituality into their medical practice. Thanks Claudio Petrillo, Daniel Fortes and Alexander Moreira-Almeida for sharing your experiences with us.

Reincarnation Videos

Reincarnation | A Quick Explanation
What is reincarnation? How does it work? Why does it happen? Many questions answered in an easy way.
REINCARNATION: the return of the spirit to the bodily life; the plurality of existences. (Allan Kardec. “The Mediums' Book”) As Kirsten DeMelo says in this video, reincarnation is a blessing from God.
We keep living
Marcelo Netto discusses life after death. And as he beautifully says, death is simply a moment of transition.
Previous Lives
As stated in The Spirits’ Book (Question 167): What is the purpose of reincarnation? “Expiation and humankind’s progressive improvement. Without reincarnation, how could there be justice?”