Achademie, “the classical Academy,” properly the name of the public garden where Plato taught. Socrates and Plato were precursors of the Christian idea and Spiritism.

Through videos, animations and illustrations, audios and texts combined and organized in a pedagogical way, our proposal is to universally provide access to the spiritual and practical knowledge contained in the Spiritist Teachings, which we believe to be a set of useful tools in the illumination of the human being, and consequently in transforming our planet for the better.

The “universal trinity” in our Logo.

So are there two general elements in the universe: matter and spirit?

“Yes, and over everything is God.” The Spirits’ Book, question 27.

What is our goal?

We believe that the understanding and practice of spiritist ideas can effectively collaborate in appeasing our planet, as it promotes:

  • The end of all forms of division based on the material aspect of the human being (racism, sexism etc.);

  • Conscious use of natural resources through a truly ecological approach;

  • The promotion of peace and the end of wars between seemingly different peoples;

  • Awareness of the value of human life within the idea of spiritual evolution, thus promoting a spiritual perspective on abortion, suicide and the death penalty;

  • The eradication of pride and selfishness, first sources of all the ills that afflict life in society;

  • The establishment of ethical and moral standards in line with the Universal Laws, thus generating a harmonious life for all humanity.

How can you help?

You are more than welcome to share this work on your social networks, implement face-to-face courses using the material offered, and collaborate directly by becoming a volunteer or maintainer. Contact-us.